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by lizdances on March 21, 2013

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Hey all! We’re away traveling this week, but have been busy nonetheless! You might remember Peter’s epic guest post earlier this year about his journey as a photographer for our friend D.L. Mayfield’s “War Photographers” series.

Now I’ve has added an installment, which turned into a poem (that was a surprise.) Bonus lyrics included from our girls’ holiday club and their songwriting workshop last October! That’ll make more sense if you head over there and read the whole thing, but here’s a teaser in the meantime:

You go to work so early in the morning on the tube

Your misery, I hear no breath, no words of life in you

Are you afraid to break a laugh, would that be breaking all the rules?

So come on, come on…

—11-14 year old girls from Tower Hamlets

Thanks, DL, for space to share what I love. Check it out here!

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