Tuesday Tidbit: Snow and the Community

by Peter on January 22, 2013

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Lovely Fresh Snow

It’s funny to me how snow seems to change things around London.  Most of the time, as soon as there’s a chill in the air, people are hard to find outside.  By November or so, it’s dark early in the evening and almost always cold and windy, and no one ventures outside unless they need to.  Connecting with our neighbours is easy during the summer; come winter, we all have to be a lot more intentional to see each other.

But this all changes when it snows, especially for the first time.  It’s beautiful, it’s fluffy, you can throw it, and it’s a delightful change from the normal grey grittiness of the East End.  Kids and parents come out to play; people tend to walk slower to appreciate the beauty coming down around them.  We can walk to church and get attacked with snow by the greeters outside, and then walk home and get ambushed again by some neighbour kids.  Even when people complain about how cold it is because of the snow, it still brings people together by giving them something new and special to talk (and complain) about.

It’s a wonderful change!  Cold and wet when you get snow down your shirt, yes…but wonderful nonetheless.

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