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by Peter on February 7, 2013

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Hi friends,

Check out my guest post over at D.L. Mayfield’s blog to read about my growth in telling stories through photos, and photography intersects with ministry in our communities.  It’s part of her ongoing series about “War Photographers”—that is, exploring how to tell personal and powerful stories without devaluing, misusing, or stereotyping.

Here’s a snippet:

When I started playing with my first digital camera, I fell in love with the idea of photojournalism. Good photojournalism has this incredible power to open up new worlds, to tell untold stories, and to expose the hidden parts of society that people usually ignore. Though I was a wannabe young radical with a heart for “urban issues,” I was still finishing college in a very white, upper middle-class suburb of Chicago. So I saw the nearby city as an opportunity to start photographing the real world that everyone else in my suburban area and rural hometown was missing out on. I wanted to jump into the war against poverty, against discrimination, against apathy; I wanted to make a difference. For me, that meant showing how messed up and forgotten our world really is.

I’d hop on the train and travel into the city on a weekend, exploring this unknown urban jungle. With sneaky shots of the homeless, portraits of Latino construction workers, and scenes of gritty poor neighborhoods, I was learning how to shoot while teaching myself to see the details of a city I just knew people preferred to ignore. This was it—with camera in hand, I had found my way to speak prophetically to the world.

Read the rest here.  And be sure to check out the rest of her blog; she’s a great writer and worth reading more of!

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