No Justice but Social Justice

October 4, 2016

A while ago, I was having a conversation with an acquaintance from church about the concept of Justice. I had been describing the ways that we see working toward social justice within our community as an essential part of living out the Gospel. He, on the other hand, was fully in support of “justice” as […]

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A Guest Post I Wrote About Wheaton, Theology, and Love

January 19, 2016

For today’s post, I chose to weigh in on the recent Wheaton College/Prof Hawkins fiasco, particularly from a pragmatic missional perspective. Just in case you’ve been lamenting the lack of controversy on our blog… I wrote the article for Threads UK, a website for young adult Christians in the UK. Here’s a snippet: Wheaton, while […]

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On Being Spiritually Cross-Cultural

October 6, 2015

A while ago, a friend in the neighbourhood sent me a Youtube video of an interview with a guru that he had found helpful in his spiritual journey. Because the interview was an hour long, it took awhile for me to get around to watching it. I finally made the time for it this weekend, […]

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When a Friend is Kicked Out of Church

May 19, 2015

What do you do when your friend gets kicked out of church? Really. Sunday morning, as we were heading off to church, I bumped into one of our neighbours coming home. He said that morning he and his son had showed up at a local parish church—for the first time in years—and told the usher […]

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Slice of Life: Churches and Mosques and Meeting your Neighbours

February 24, 2015

It’s a beautiful thing when people of different faiths and backgrounds sit down to share some food and finally meet those who live next door to them! This past Sunday afternoon we were privileged to attend such an event right in our neighbourhood. You’ve heard quite a bit about our work with The Feast in […]

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Slice of Life: A Week of Parties

June 10, 2014

Liz and I are about to leave on the first of a lot of traveling this summer, but thought it would be great to show you some photos from the crazy week of community parties and programs we had a week ago. The first set are from a community party we organised with our neighbours […]

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MAKE HUMMUS NOT WALLS (I Don’t Even Know How to Sum This All Up)

January 4, 2014

  Over Christmas, a lot of churches will put up an idyllic nativity scene, propping up shepherds and kings and mangers on their front lawn. I’ve seen some with a line from the carol, “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” posted over the stable. Today we traveled to the West End to see what St. James’s Piccadilly Church chose […]

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Tuesday Tidbit: Building the Feast

October 8, 2013

One of the more exciting projects that Liz and I have been part of for the past couple of years has been The Feast, which does youth work that brings Christian and Muslim young people together so that they can build bridges of understanding and friendship—something that doesn’t happen much in a culture where people […]

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Tuesday Tidbit: International Day of Peace

September 17, 2013

And, we’re back from Scotland!  It might be a week or two before we give a big update on that, however; my parents are now in town and after that, our team is hosting an orientation for new InnerCHANGE members.  This month is full, innit. However, I discovered that we got back in town for […]

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Photo Friday: Nature is not Silent

May 10, 2013

This past weekend, we ventured with our church into the wilds of East Sussex for our annual weekend away.  Good times! One of my favourite parts (and there were many) was being able to take time after breakfast each morning to venture into the woods behind the retreat centre, to get away from people and […]

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