Simple Experiments in Contemplative Photography

January 29, 2016

I love photography. It’s fun, can be as simple or as complicated as I want it to be, and it shapes how I see my surroundings. I especially love its power to tell stories—stories about current events, about our friends and family and communities, about the world around us. But as powerful of a tool […]

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MAKE HUMMUS NOT WALLS (I Don’t Even Know How to Sum This All Up)

January 4, 2014

  Over Christmas, a lot of churches will put up an idyllic nativity scene, propping up shepherds and kings and mangers on their front lawn. I’ve seen some with a line from the carol, “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” posted over the stable. Today we traveled to the West End to see what St. James’s Piccadilly Church chose […]

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Faith Through a Lens

November 20, 2013

Peter says today was weird for him, because he wound up being a center of attention—as well he should have been, because today his photograph won a Highly Commended Award (a top three finish!) out of hundreds of entries from across the UK in the “Faith Through a Lens” Competition! We went to a very […]

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Photo Friday: Bath and Stonehenge

November 9, 2013

So, you know the problem with being a photographer, yet having other full-time ministry and other awesome stuff to always be busy with?  You occasionally go back through your archives and realise you have photos from nearly a year ago (like these from Bath, Stonehenge, and the Cotswolds) that were never actually finished… Better late […]

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Photo Friday: Cows in the Road

November 1, 2013

You know those weeks where you have big plans and great aspirations, expecting to accomplish tons and feel successful and stuff?  And then, suddenly, a big pile of other stuff (both urgent and important!) drops in your lap, and you spend the week sorting all that out? Yeah, my week felt kind of like running into […]

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Photo Friday: Thunderstorms and Light

October 26, 2013

Last weekend, our trip home from Bradford took us through an excellent storm.  I miss good storms—they don’t happen a lot over here!  And the light afterward?  Incredible.

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Photo Friday: Pickle at Night

October 18, 2013

Near Liverpool Street Station while exploring in the evening.

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Photo Friday: Glasgow Panoramic

October 12, 2013

  A view of Glasgow from the clay pits in Possilpark, home of our newest InnerCHANGE friends.  You can also find a wider panoramic shot here on Flickr.

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Photo Friday: Fiery Fierce Scotland

September 20, 2013

  A quick first look at Loch Lomond, from our trip to Scotland.  And yes, it was raining at the time.  Because it’s Scotland, and that’s what happens there.  

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Tuesday Tidbit: Today I’m Thankful For…

September 10, 2013

So I spent most of the last week leading Energize4Girlz, our local girls’ holiday club, which pretty much meant I was covered in glitter the entire week. The theme for the week was “Today is Awesome!” and we spent time talking about how you can choose to be happy, and how it’s better for your […]

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