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We really like to read.   Like, really like.  Books have shaped us in huge ways since we were just wee little people, and that’s only increased as we’ve “grown up”.  Sometimes people ask us what books we recommend, or where we learned about an idea, or what would help them better understand something about faith or Jesus or art or whatever.  If you’ve ever asked us that question, then you know exactly how long we can ramble on… “Oh, you should read this and this and this.  And don’t forget to check out this other book!  And you might be interested in this one.  Oh, and this one might make you think about this other thing.  And that relates to this, which taught me about that…”  And so on.

So, we decided it would be nice to just make a big list of the books that have shaped and stretched us over the years, or that we just strongly believe are worth reading.  These are all the ones that came to mind after a bit of brainstorming—there are definitely more that we haven’t listed.  But don’t worry, the list will probably grow as we recall others and read new ones.

All of these books (and other media) link to their page on Amazon with our Amazon Affiliates ID; if you buy something by clicking on the links, you’ll be helping to financially support our ministry as well as getting a really good read.

  (Note – some people have reported issues seeing some or all of the links below.  We don’t know exactly why; it could be your internet connection has trouble loading all of the images; it might also be because of restrictions—like AdBlock—on your computer or network that prevent ads from showing up.  If you have trouble seeing the links, refresh the page a couple of times, change your settings on your ad blocking extensions, or try again on a different network.  Sorry if you have problems with the page!)

Understanding the Gospel 


Exploring Faith


Missional Living


Spiritual Growth 



London and Our Community


Understanding Ourselves and Others – Faith, Poverty, Culture


Art and Photography


Peace, Nonviolence, and Transforming Conflict



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Brian Howell January 6, 2014 at 7:05 pm

You know, there’s a really hot book on Short Term Missions that is just out. You should check it out for your “Understanding Ourselves and Others” category. 😉

lizdances January 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm

*grin* I am ashamed to admit I have not yet read it; I have no doubt that once I will it will be automagically added to the list. Want to send us a review copy? :)

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